The Last Mile in Patient Care

A Revolutionary Virtual Care and Prescription Drug Management System designed to become the Standard-of-Care in Personalized Medication Delivery

Introducing COPA™

Finally, an approach to wellness that deploys technology and data designed and intended to address the intersection of two significant clinical and delivery needs in the healthcare ecosystem: Secure Medication Delivery and Compliance Support.

The COPA™ System is designed to deliver timely, accurate and precise doses of prescribed oral liquid medications using dual biometric identification technology to restrict the release of medication only to the Intended User at the point-of-care.

Integrated cellular technology embedded in the delivery device is designed to allow real-time, secured transmission of usage data and Physician-driven dosage adjustments within a Cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, Encrypted Database Management System ("DBMS") that stores data for analytics creation and dissemination to authorized parties.

The COPA™ System is designed to serve as a cornerstone of Secure Medication Delivery while revolutionizing the standard-of-care in personalized medication delivery for improved patient compliance, adherence and medical outcomes.

Discover the revolutionary advantages for yourself.


Precise, Timely, Consistent Dosage Delivery


Safety, Security and Adherence Driven with Dual Biometrics Confirmation


Support for Remote Patient Monitoring, Medical Decisions and Actions with Real-Time Data and Analytics

Secure Connected Medication Delivery is the Next Paradigm in Healthcare Delivery.

The Unmet Care Delivery Needs

The shift to Remote Monitoring and Secure Medication Delivery, where technology is utilized to observe, diagnose, monitor, and - above all - treat patients at the point-of-care, requires novel, intuitive delivery solutions to meet growing demand.

  • Drug Therapy is the standard-of-care in treating most diseases and disorders.
  • Remote monitoring with Secure Medication Delivery is the most efficient and pragmatic way to provide patient care - where and when you need it most.
  • Critical technology and biometrics that identify and deliver the medication exclusively to the Intended User separates our Secure Medication Delivery solutions from traditional offerings.
  • Leveraging scalable technology and data to drive better outcomes and lower costs while delivering a better patient experience.

A May 2020 published industry study suggests "approximately $250 billion of annual health spend could be virtualized." (1)

Improved Medication Adherence is a long-standing goal in global healthcare systems.

The Unmet Clinical Needs

20%-30% of prescriptions are never filled; approximately 50% are not taken as directed. Berkshire Biomedical has identified three key factors that impede the success in solving this clinical problem and expense of medical adherence.

  • Current protocols and processes are INEFFICIENT for addressing non-adherence.
  • Current pill-based drug regimens and related delivery systems provide NO real-time accountability.
  • Current patient standards-of-care do NOT reflect real-time adherence to self-administration of medications.

Each year, U.S. non-adherence accounts for at least 10% of hospitalizations, more than 125,000 untimely deaths and avoidable healthcare spending in the range of $100-$300 billion. (2)

to Prescribers, Healthcare Workers, Systems, Clinics and Patients

Addressing Dosage Compliance with Precise, Timely and Accurate Drug Delivery

Ensuring Proper Administration to Valued Customers based on Personalized Biometrics

Managing Personalized Drug Regimens Outside of Clinical Settings

Accessing Real-Time Usage Data and Analytics Designed to Support Medical Decisions and Actions

Supporting Cloud-Based Ability to Remotely Change Dosing based on Patient Usage Data and Responses to Treatment

Ability to not only monitor medication delivery, but also the ability to track and analyze attempted delivery

Storing Patients' Prescribed Medications in a Secure Drug Delivery Unit