Vision and Mission Improve Wellness


To Enhance Patient Wellness by Leveraging Technology to Improve Medical Outcomes


Our Mission is To Bring Secure, Accurate and Precise Personalized Medication Delivery to the Authenticated Intended User by Pioneering the Use of Biometric Technologies, Combined with Cloud-Based Platforms and a Physician-Enabled Management System

Broad Applicability

Virtual Care
The next paradigm in healthcare delivery, including Tech-Enabled Medication Devliery and Patient Monitoring, which is a primary focus for Berkshire

Data Management
In all data driven applications, COPA™ will provide standardization of data collection, real-time analytics, and remote monitoring

COPA™ was designed to initially address non-adherence using liquid-based regimens and anywhere pill-based medications can be converted into a liquid delivery. Targeted indications are those where non-adherent patients have:

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Risks to Desired Therapeutic Outcomes, and Potential for Abuse and Related Issues

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Threats to Intended Therapeutic Outcomes can lead to Healthcare Complications, Additional Chronic Conditions, Hospitalization and Death

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High Security Risks for Addiction, Overdose, Diversion and Death with the use of Controlled Substances

Every patient represents potential opportunity for delivering Virtual Care solutions as global healthcare delivery evolves.

Every patient represents the potential for medical non-adherence and the associated risk of experiencing a less than successful healthcare outcome.

The Care Community needs real-time access to biometrically confirmed - Intended User - dosing usage data and COPA™ is designed to meet those needs.