Personalized Medication Delivery

Delivering the RIGHT Amount of Medication, at the RIGHT Time, and Only to the Right Person

Introducing COPA™

A Medication Dispensing System Designed to Combine Security, Compliance Support, Remote Monitoring, Advanced Data Analytics, with Accurate and Precise Oral Liquid Dispensing to Deliver Medication to Only the Authenticated Intended User (AIU™)

Finally, an approach to wellness that deploys technology and data designed and intended to address the intersection of two significant clinical and delivery needs in the healthcare ecosystem: Personalized Medication Delivery and improving Medication Adherence.

COPA™ is a system being designed to deliver timely, accurate, and precise doses of prescribed medications using dual biometric identification technology to restrict the release of medication only to the Authenticated Intended User (AIU™) at the point of care.

Integrated cellular technology in the delivery device is designed to allow real-time, secured transmission of usage data and physician-driven dosage adjustments; a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, encrypted Database Management System ("DBMS") is designed to store data for advanced data analytics creation and dissemination to authorized parties.

The COPA™ System is being designed to serve as a cornerstone of Personalized Medication Delivery while revolutionizing the standard of care in personalized medication delivery, for improved patient compliance, adherence, and medical outcomes.

The COPA™ System is currently under development, has NOT been reviewed by the FDA and is not available for commercial sale.

Pioneering Use of Biometric Technologies Combined with Proven Dispensing Components, “Smart” Security Elements, and a Cloud-Based, HIPAA-Compliant DBMS

Following its mission, Berkshire Biomedical is Developing a Personalized Medication Delivery for the Authenticated Intended User (AIU™) combined with a Physician-Assisted Management System

Personalized Medication Delivery with Remote Monitoring and Actionable Information is the Most Efficient and Pragmatic Way to Provide Patient Care – Where and When It is Needed Most – At the Point of Care

COPA is being Designed to Provide:

Key Parts

Accuracy & Precision

Accurate, Precise, Timely and Consistent Dosage Delivery of Prescribed Liquid Oral Drug Regimens


Safety, Security, and Adherence with Dual Biometrics Confirmation – Fingerprint and Dentition – Prior to Drug Release at Each Dose Administration

Actionable Information

Support for Medical Decisions and Actions with Real-Time Usage Tracking, Patient Monitoring, Data Storage and Analytics Creation and Access

Click below to watch a video demonstration of the COPA device. Note: The COPA™ System is currently under development, has NOT been reviewed by the FDA and is not available for commercial sale.


Dual Personalized Biometric Authorization Controls - Fingerprint and Dental Authentication

Notifications to Take Prescription Drugs at Prescribed Intervals

Accurate & Precise Dosing Using Proven and Tested Dispensing Components

Cellular Connectivity for Real-Time Usage Data collection, Physician Driven Dosage Changes, and Remote Medication Management

Cloud-Based DBMS for Data Storage and Analytics Creation and Dissemination to Physicians, Pharmacists, Healthcare Coordinators, and Caregivers

COPA™ Management System Intended Benefits

Personalized/Customized Drug Regimen

Secured Medication Dispensing Dosage Specific Only to the Authenticated Intended User (AIU™)

Continuous Concentric Connectivity (C³) for Patients, Payors, Providers, and Prescribers

Layered Architecture: Data, User, Business, and Presentation Points

Data Entry Support and Data Reporting via Authorized User Interface or Application-Programming Interface (API)

Patient Users to Register with Multi-Factor Authentication for Protection of Protected Health Information (PHI)

Six Stages of Data Management of all Key Adherence-Related Data, fostering “Best Practices in Digital Health”


Data Capture
Data Storage
Data Archiving
Data Transmission
Data Dissemination
Decision Support

Patient Access Through
Any Cloud Connection

Security (Intended User)
Intended to Revolutionize Healthcare by Developing an Authenticated Intended User (AIU™) Automated Oral Liquid Dispensing System Designed to Deliver Controlled and Non-Controlled Liquid Oral Medications to an Authenticated Intended User Upon Confirmation of Dual Biometric Identifications (Fingerprint and Dentition) at each Dose Administration

Compliance Support (metrics) with Remote Monitoring
COPA was designed to provide data-driven decisions through standardization of data collection, real-time analytics and remote monitoring. The objective of which is to enhance patient wellness by improving adherence and compliance, increasing healthcare provider–patient communication, and increasing the ability to make informed medical decisions.

Accurate and Precise Liquid Dispensing
COPA was designed to deliver and track accurate and precise dosing of oral liquid medications utilizing proven and tested dispensing components.

PHARMACY READY: Meets standard dispensing workflows and e‑prescribing formats.

COPA™ design supports provider-based diagnosis of primary patient candidates and current prescribing protocols.

New and refill pharmacy-based Rx formats are based on NCPDP standards.

Intuitive initial setup. Device is active once patient IDs are recorded and stored, taking only about one minute.

Cellular connectivity is not required for dose administration.

Secure Medication Delivery

Delivering the RIGHT Amount of Medication, at the RIGHT Time, and Only to the Right Person