Nov 4th, 2021


Berkshire Biomedical to Participate in the LSX 6th Annual Investment Showcase

Berkshire Biomedical to Participate in the LSX 6th Annual Investment Showcase

Highlighting late-stage development of novel, drug delivery device to accurately and precisely deliver oral liquid drugs only to biometrically authenticated Intended Users

Dallas, November 4, 2021 – Berkshire Biomedical Corporation (“Berkshire” or “the Company”), focused on developing drug delivery devices designed to accurately and precisely deliver oral liquid drugs only to the biometrically authenticated Intended User, provide remote monitoring and enhance patient wellness, announced today that  John Timberlake, Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Biomedical, will showcase the Company and its Computerized Oral Prescription Administration (COPA®) System as they participate in the LSX 6th Annual Investment Showcase Hybrid taking place from November 8-15, 2021, both in person from the Hilton Waldorf in London and virtually. 

As part of its participation in the conference, Mr. Timberlake will deliver a corporate presentation that can be accessed via the internet here and on the Company’s website at, where it will be archived in the News section. 

“We are looking forward to participating in this Investor Showcase as it gives the Company an opportunity to introduce our proprietary COPA System, which was designed to provide an accurate and precise personalized medication delivery of oral liquid drugs to the authenticated Intended User.  We look forward to discussing the variety of benefits COPA could provide to patients and healthcare providers among an audience of leading investors and potential strategic partners,” said Mr. Timberlake. 

“There is a growing need for better and secure ways to deliver important drugs to only those authenticated Intended Users, and we look forward to advancing the COPA System to address these growing unmet medical needs and enhance patient outcomes,” added Mr. Timberlake.

For those attending the Showcase and who are interested in scheduling a one-on-one virtual meeting with Berkshire Biomedical management, please contact Anne Marie Fields at

About the LSX 6th Annual Investment Showcase

The Investment Showcase is an international showcase of early, growth stage and public life science and health technology companies, Investment Showcase provides an unrivalled opportunity to pitch, profile and connect with investors and partners brought together during the biggest fortnight in European life sciences investment. The company showcases will highlight and promote the most exciting and innovative biotech, medtech, health technology and consumer health companies across Europe and beyond.

The Investment Showcase continues its exclusive partnership with global investment bank Jefferies, running the days before the Jefferies London Healthcare Conference.

About Berkshire Biomedical Corporation

Berkshire Biomedical Corporation is a privately held medical device company.  Berkshire is developing drug delivery devices designed to accurately and precisely deliver oral liquid drugs by pioneering the use of biometric technologies, combined with cloud-based and physician-enabled remote management systems to provide accurate personalized medication delivery to the authenticated Intended User.  The Company’s lead product under development, the Computerized Oral Prescription Administration (COPATM) System, is an authenticated Intended User automated oral liquid dispensing system designed to deliver controlled and non-controlled liquid oral medications to only the Intended User upon confirmation of dual biometric identifications (fingerprint and dentition).  Three overarching features combine to make the COPA technology unique: security, compliance support (metrics) with remote monitoring and precise liquid dispensing.  Chronic pain and opioid addiction medication assisted therapy have been identified as potential indications with the greatest need for the benefits of these features.

The Company intends to initially seek opportunities to leverage COPA in the delivery and remote management of controlled liquid oral medications and to expand COPA use in broader medical markets, drug applications, and businesses that manage the commercialization and data analytics provided by the electronic devices to improve outcomes and reduce risk.

Additional information about Berkshire Biomedical and the COPA System can be found at


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