Aug 31st, 2021


Berkshire Biomedical Recognizes International Overdose Awareness Day

Berkshire Biomedical Recognizes International Overdose Awareness Day

Supports the call to action to raise awareness of global public health crisis and advance technologies and policies to prevent and treat it

Dallas, August 31, 2021 – Berkshire Biomedical, LLC (“Berkshire” or “the Company”), focused on developing  drug delivery devices designed to precisely deliver oral liquid drugs only to the biometrically authenticated Intended User, provide remote monitoring and enhance patient wellness, announces today that it joins with the millions of advocates around the world in recognition of International Overdose Awareness Day.  The goal of International Overdose Awareness Day is to raise awareness, elevate the public understanding of the global addiction burden, promote greater understanding of the tragedy of drug overdose death and, importantly, to advance evidence-based overdose prevention and drug policy. 

“We applaud those dedicated to raising awareness of the global overdose and addiction crisis as we all grapple with the challenges associated with pain medication, including the dangers of misuse, abuse and diversion of medications," said John Timberlake, Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Biomedical. "At Berkshire, we are committed to the development of the COPA™ System as an authenticated Intended-User automated oral liquid prescription dispensing system."

International Overdose Awareness Day is the world’s largest annual campaign to end overdoses, remember (without stigma) those who have died, and acknowledge the grief of the families and friends left behind.  The campaign raises awareness of overdose, which is one of the world’s largest public health crises and stimulates action and discussion about prevention and drug policy.  International Overdose Awareness Day spreads the message about the tragedy of drug overdose deaths and that drug overdose is preventable with proper assistance and tools. 

Penington Institute, the conveners of the International Overdose Awareness Day campaign, maintain a content-rich website that includes a Digital Event Guide, Social Media Kit, and other digital advocacy resources.  To learn more visit International Overdose Awareness Day (

About Berkshire Biomedical, LLC

Berkshire Biomedical, LLC is a privately-held medical device company focused on developing drug delivery devices designed to precisely deliver oral liquid drugs to enhance patient wellness by pioneering the use of biometric technologies, combined with cloud-based and physician-enabled remote management systems to provide accurate personalized medication delivery to the authenticated Intended User.  The Company’s lead product under development, the Computerized Oral Prescription Administration System (COPATM) device is an authenticated Intended User automated oral liquid dispensing system designed to deliver controlled and non-controlled liquid oral medications to an Intended user upon confirmation of dual biometric identifications (fingerprint and dentition).  Three overarching features combine to make the COPA offering unique: security, compliance support (metrics) and precise liquid dispensing.  Chronic pain and opioid addiction medication assisted therapy have been identified as potential indications with the greatest need for the benefits of these features.

Berkshire was founded and funded by a team of experienced financial and information technology executives. The Company intends to initially seek opportunities to leverage COPA in the delivery and remote management of controlled liquid oral medications and to expand COPA use in broader medical markets, drug applications, and businesses that manage the commercialization and data analytics provided by the electronic devices to improve outcomes and reduce risk.

Additional information about Berkshire Biomedical and the COPA System can be found at


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