Mar 30th, 2020


The Last Mile -- In Healthcare, We Ain't Nowhere...

There’s nothing like "Shelter-in-Place" to force us to stop and realize how fragile things really are. Everything that seemed so easy a week ago is now laid bare. How to get food? Care for loved ones in isolation? And - can I even get a roll of toilet paper…?

The LAST MILE…. for delivering a lot of everyday stuff, Amazon (and others) are all over it.

But, in meeting complex and changing healthcare needs, we got no game. And, they keep moving the goal posts!

The LAST MILE in Healthcare is not a new idea, but COVID-19 has been the rudest of wake-ups, forcing us to face our fears and frailties.

Yet, out of crisis comes opportunity, and the LAST MILE in Healthcare remains one of the biggest opportunities of our time. Thankfully, there are some very smart people thinking about it. Check out the recent piece from McKinsey & Company entitled “CareFlow”: How Pharma Companies Can Better Understand Patients”. In the future, personalization will be the norm – we will each have our own care flow.

But, how is that going to happen...?